International Area

Welcome to the international area of my website. You will find some general information about me and my activities on this site. Don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form in case of requests.

About me.


As teacher and member of the school steering board at Alemannen Community School in the southern Black Forest, I support the development of a future-driven learning environment. With a one-to-one tablet solution being used since 2014, a self-developed digital learning environment and a completely new room architecture, we turn school education upside down.



Being positioned right between every-day grid at one of Europe's most innovative schools and international educational research, i feel as troubleshooter between these two fields.



Holding a diploma in school education and a PhD in media education, i understand every school day as a research experience. Although my research is focusing on the use of ICT in learning processes and areas such as Media Literacy of teachers: the educational system is the basic assumption for an ICT-supported learning environment.